Multifuel Burner

Our Multi Fuel Burner is a flexible, robust and highly advanced assembly. The base design is adapted to the customer demands including fuel flexibility, air staging and adjustable swirl. This applies to all plants, burner arrangements and combustion air designs. The capacity of the MF burner ranges from 15 to 100MWt.

Based on customer demands the burner will be designed for multiple fuels: Natural Gas, Heavy Fuel Oil, Light Fuel Oil, Wood Dust & Coal Dust. All these fuels can be burned in one single unit with automated transition.

All fuels are controlled individually to obtain optimum flame shape, stability and temperature as well as ultralow NOx and CO emission. Air stagging is important for this purpose and involves the stratification of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Air, Over Burner Air (OBA) and Over Fire Air (OFA).