BWE has its own engineering team that provides clients with customised solutions in the use of different renewable energies to generate clean, abundant and commercially competitive energy.



We seek to participate in projects from their conception, so we develop the basic engineering, which allows us to assess the project and the assembly work, with sufficient accuracy to achieve a valid quote.

Our engineering department prepares the plans, technical specifications, and other documents necessary for the budgeting of your projects.


We support the projects in all their stages, taking the basic engineering (our own or the client's) and turning it into its final detailed version, ready for the purchase and/or construction of the constituent elements.

Basic engineering, safety criteria, rules of art, standards accepted by the parties, etc., all requirements are considered to achieve a satisfactory final design.


We also offer the service of adapting boilers in order to modernise them or change the fuel:

  • Adaptation of combustion systems for biomass for existing boilers.
  • Adaptation of industrial boilers for cogeneration.
  • Supply and assembly of smoke treatment systems.
  • Integrated solutions including new and existing boilers.