BWE has extensive experience in power generation projects being able to use high steam parameters. Water-tube boilers concept design is supported by the license of corner tube boiler technology from the German company ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH.

The corner tube boiler design is known for their unique and robust design with natural circulation principle and the design guarantees low maintenance costs and high reliability. Berkes has executed more than 20 projects under this license for different generation ranges around the world.

The full engineering package comes to life when Berkes contributes its own experience over the decades of firing various types of biomass with the most appropriate combustion system.



With its experience and capabilities in engineering, manufacturing and assembly, Berkes can deliver a turnkey generation plant or a high-pressure boiler to feed a steam turbine.

Our strategic alliances allow us to offer custom designed boilers for each project, as well as a combustion system adapted to the type of biomass the client has available.


We also carry out projects with combines heat and power concepts (CHP).

We design and deliver projects that provide high pressure steam for turbo-gen as well as process steam and heat for industrial plants processes. We also provide an effective solution tailored to your needs for biomass conditioning, transport systems, combustion, and flue gas treatment.


These solutions use heat recovery boilers which recover heat from hot gases from furnace exhausts, gas turbines, or reciprocating engines.

The harnessed heat can be used to provide energy, saturated steam, superheated steam, thermal oil or hot water.