BWE can also provide thermal solutions to industries which are focused on the use of biomass as a renewable energy source, thus reducing operating costs and improving environmental policy.

We aim to support industries in their commitment to society and environmental conservation. Our solutions seek to reduce emissions, optimise energy consumption and the use of industrial by-products such as sunflower husk, wheat bran, rice husk, forest biomass and sludge, among others.

BWE also has an extensive experience carrying out Heat and Power Plant concepts (CHP), making it possible to generate electrical power and delivering the necessary thermal requitement in the same solution.

We also provide an effective solution tailored to your needs for biomass conditioning, transport systems, combustion, and flue gas treatment.

The harnessed heat can be used to provide energy, saturated steam, superheated steam, thermal oil or hot water.



Specialised in the use of industrial by-products or in the substitution of fossil fuels, we design, manufacture and assemble steam generators for industrial processes. We offer saturated, superheated, smoke-tube or water-tube steam boilers for all ranges of pressure and steam flow.

The equipment is designed with combustion systems for biomass and can include fossil fuel back-up, as well as various biomasses in different proportions.


At BWE we develop safe, high-performance, corrosion-free, high thermal inertia, industrial boilers for thermal fluid for industrial use, tailored to the client's needs.

These types of boiler do not use water, but thermal fluid; normally special oils.

This is a very good option for industrial use since it allows operation at very high temperatures, with minimum atmospheric pressure, which makes the installation easier and less expensive.


BWE also provides water heating solutions for different industrial processes with equipment designed to meet our client's needs.

With proven experience, BWE has supplied biomass boilers for heating water to different temperatures to clients in Chile, Mexico and Uruguay, among other countries.