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Health and Safety

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The purpose of the safety programme is to ensure that a safe system of work is implemented and maintained such that the work is carried out in a safe and planned manner avoiding any exposure of human life and welfare.

The safety programme shall be implemented from mobilisation of the site and remain in force until demobilisation.

The H&S Programme applies to all personnel present on the BWSC construction site.

Target Group

The primary target group is:

  • BWSC Site Personnel, ie. Site Manager, Test & Commissioning Manager, Supervisors and others with supervisory responsibilities
  • The Client, the Client’s Safety Officer and supervisory staff
  • The Client’s representative (the Resident Engineer)
  • Contractors and subcontractors working for BWSC


Access to the H&S Manual

The H&S Manual is available in a printed as well as an electronic version. The electronic version can be downloaded here in the column to the right, or obtained on CD ROM media or accessed via BWSC’s Intranet portal. In the latter all standard forms are included in original file formats (Word, Excel) to be used and modified for specific projects.