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Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant is a straw-fired power station that is planned for Lincolnshire. The project combines the environmental benefits of renewable power generation with more local economic benefits that will put Sleaford at the heart of a new market for the supply of straw.
The project has significant national and regional benefits, as summarised below:
• 40MW renewable energy in base load operation
• Output equivalent to 65,000 homes
• 250,000 tonnes CO2 saved per year
• Ash is recycled for fertiliser



Pictures from site

Jan 2012 - Green field

Jan 2012 - Start of excavation

May 2012 - Establishing of site offices

May 2012 - Establishing of gate house

Jul 2012 - Edge foundation for first barn complete (BWSC supply)

Aug 2012 - Steel structure for first barn (BWSC supply)

Oct 2012 - Pre-assembling of membrane walls

Nov 2012 - Air and fuel systems for

Dec 2012 - Boiler front wall being lifted in
Dec 2012 - Boiler front wall in place    







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Access to site:


All access to the site must take place through the Main Gate.


Delivery address is:
Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant
Boston Road

Sleaford NG34 9GH
United Kingdom




All goods to arrive to the site must be announced in advance to BWE according to the guidelines in the Shipping Instructions