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Material Management


General Description

This specification describes the requirements for supplier information for the BWE Material Management system for the Sleaford Biomass Plant project.

BWE's material management system is known as MaTrax


The following abbreviations are used in the text:

MMDB - Material Management Data Base
MC - Material Code
PO - Purchase Order
PL - Packing List
DN - Delivery Note



The main objective for the Material Management system is to track and control the flow of materials from ordering to erection on construction site, and to plan the erection on large projects.

For each material, it shall be possible to:

  • easy and clearly identify the material
  • knowledge of the manufacturing status
  • knowledge of the physical location
  • tracking the packing and the transportation
  • easy identifying, receiving and storing on site
  • plan the erection sequence and erection group


Information required

The following information is required for the construction site to receive, unload and store a delivery


Each delivery must be equipped with a Delivery Note

Deliveries are defined as:
A lorry, a boat, a barge or a parcel supplied by mail or currier
Each shipment that arrives to site a delivery. The Delivery Note informs about supplier, delivery address and time of arrival.

A delivery can consist of one, or more packages



Each package must be equipped with a Packing List.

Packages are defined as:
A parcel, a pallet, a container, a box, a loose item that needs to be off-loaded

Each item that needs to be hooked, lifted by crane, by truck or by hand is a package. The packing list informs about size, weight, off-loading method and storage condition.

A package can consist of one, or more materials



Each material must be equipped with a MC label

A Material Code shall for instance be added to:

An assembly or skid mounted piece of equipment (one label per assembly)
All steel members or columns supplied as loose items (one label per item)
Bulks such as identical screws, washers, hangers in box, bundle of pipes (one label per box/bundle)

Bulk material is defined as several identical items like bolts, nuts, hangers, rods etc. Identical machines are NOT defined as bulk. 3 identical dampers or 4 identical ducts must have independent Material Codes


Identification of equipment

The following identification nos. will be used:

No system Description Plant unique? ID Example

Material Code:

A logistic related no system used for the assemblies as supplied to site.



Packing List

A list the material codes included in a packing. A packing is everything that shall be lifted off the lorry/ship/barge.



Delivery note

A list of the Packing Lists included in a shipment (lorry, ship, barge)



Part no:

The suppliers part no system. Several identical valves, switches, transmitters etc. can have the same no.



Mark no

BWE’s part no system for own designs



PLE no.

BWE's Work Break-Down system



Drawing no.

Number of the relevant assembly drawing




A material code can as an example consist of a supplied assembly, a fully erected skid mounted oil lubrication station for a mill, a fan, a pump or the like.

The unit is supplied complete and thus has one Material Code no (included in dotted line), but several tag nos., several part nos. and several serial nos.

Wise versa a tag no. can contain several Material Codes as for a boiler, an APH or a filter.

The Material Code no. is the erection company's key no. as this represent the materials as supplied. The Material Code is a phantom no. meaning that it only exists until the material in question is erected. After that it exists no more.

The Material Code (and label) shall be added to all shipped items meaning each loose beam, each assembled equipment (as the oil station), each box of screws etc. If a material in bundled like 20 pipes bundled on a pallet, this shall only be equipped with on MC and label.

Material Code

The Material Code is assigned to the materials by supplier for purchased equipment and by BWE for own design. The material code number will be generated by the MaTrax system and will consist of a 7 digit numeric number

Each MC supplied to site must be marked with a label defined in the BWE Shipping Instructions


The PLE number is assigned to the materials by BWE.

The PLE no is used for a break-down of the erection scope. A certain PLE is a group of equipment which can be erected in one activity or preassembled in one activity, e.g. a HP pipe line with hangers (according to a pipe iso), a straw feeder, a boiler support structure, a PA fan etc.

The detailed Break-down structure is defined by the erection company in coorporation with BWE based on erection documentation from the Supplier, i.e. assembly drawings and erection manual. The break-down will often be discussed with the Supplier and in coordination with BWE (go between). Best practise will be if the Supplier proposes an erection sequence (e.g. via his erection manual), the erector breaks these down into erection works and send these to the Supplier via BWE for review.

Supplier and erection company are obliged to work with BWE for the planning of erection sequences


The user interface will be a web-based frontend operating in a normal web browser.

Information's can be typed in directly into the system or uploaded to the system via the exchange file format .xml . Templates for exchange of data can be downloaded from the BWE project web-site.

All materials must be unambiguously identified in the system.

All items arriving to the gate must be identified with a Material Code no.

Supplier information's

In order to be able to track materials a certain amount of scope information's and supplier information's are required.

The most important documents are the Master Material List, the Tag & Material Code List.

Information's from these lists need to be imported to the BWE MMDB.

Material List

The Material List is required by the supplier for identification of the extent of the scope. The list shall include all materials supplied by the supplier.

Materials includes:

  • Machines, such as pumps, motors, filters, burner, sootblower etc.
  • Equipment, such as pipes, valves, compensators etc
  • Steel structures, such as columns, girders, beams
  • Process steel, such as boiler parts, vessels, heat exchangers, APH's, GGH etc
  • Consumables, such as oil, grease, paint, welding material, grinding balls etc.
  • Bulk material such as simple pipe hangers, bolts, insulation, cables, sheets
  • Spare- and wear parts

The purpose of the list is to evaluate if all equipment has been supplied and received on site. In other words, all materials in the list shall be included in a packing list as well.

The materials shall be filled in by the supplier as soon after the contract signing as possible. The materials will need to be updated on regular basis when detailed engineering reveals that new additional equipment is required and when equipment is sent to site.

The material list shall include the following information's per item:


Field description

Filled in by

- Order no. BWE
- Material code no. BWE
- Order pos no. (the pos in the original order the item in question is part of) Supplier
- Unit no Supplier
- Lot no. Supplier
- Quantity Supplier
- Reference to assembly drawing (for the erection people to see where it belongs) Supplier
- Part no – the suppliers own identification no. Supplier
- Description Supplier


The suppliers serial no is not included in material list. The reason is that this will complicate the database considerable as there will be no more quantities. Every single component will need its own line.