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Site induction


All personnel working on the construction site, or having frequent access to the site must be given a Site Safety Induction before commencing any work activities. The Site Safety Induction is based on the Site Rules, which are handed out and explained.

During the induction session, special emphasis must be given to parts of the work which are more relevant for the persons being inducted. Likewise, additional material relevant for the work in question may be provided.

The Site Safety Officer is responsible that all personnel are given the Site Safety Induction. He may delegate the task to BWSC supervisors, or in the case of major sub-contractors, to the site management of such sub-contractor. Records of all site inductions shall be kept by BWSC Site Safety Officer.

Once the Site Safety Induction is completed, the person shall be given a Name Tag, showing his Roll Number, date of induction and name of the person who performed the induction.

He shall be required to carry the name tag at all times when on site.




Site induction tag to be worn at all times on site