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Emergency Response Plan


In case of accidents - environmental accidents - breakdowns - fires - gases



Stop the accident and initiate life-saving first aid




dial 999 or call the site office on:




What has happened?
Where has it happened?
How many injuried?
Who is calling?




injured persons (first aid) and prevent other persons from endagering themselves




the extent of the accident using the safety and fire equipment available in the area and at the construction site until help arrives


In case of fire or other accident, the sirens at the site will start and they will sound the following signals: 

Alarm type:   Signal sound Action
Evacuation Eight signals of four seconds with two-second break between the signals Go to assembly points and leave site
Emission Four signals of eight seconds with four-second break between the signals Go indoor and close doors


Both alarm types sound the all-clear signal using a 17-second continuous signal.

Keep your evacuation card with you at all times