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Site Location

The plant owner Affald Varme Aarhus has decided to built a biomass fired renewable energy plant primary for the production of heat for the municipal District Heat system.

The primary contractors of the boiler island and flue gas treatment is BWE situated in Denmark, just north of Copenhagen.

Overall project

The energy plant Lisbjerg is a new constructed renewable energy unit to be build in Denmark. The plant is 100% biomass fired (oil is used for start-up), mostly straw, and produces approx. 40 MW electricity. The combustion technology is based on a water cooled vibration grate. See more on

Straw is delivered as bales and the plant is able to receive Hesston bales, New Holland bales and Claas bales. Wood chips is used as auxiliary fuel.

The plant shall be designed for continuous operation at base load apart from one annual shutdown for repair, statutory inspection and repair

A centrally and fully equipped first aid facility will be located on the site.

Local/Site Conditions

The site is located just North-West of the town of Aarhus close to the motorway E45.


Use the GPS cordinates or type in the address in the GPS


Lisbjerg is located approx. 10 km North-West of Aarhus, the largest city in Jutland



Site elevation:

73 m above sea level.

Normal annual plant operating time     

approx. 7.500 hrs

Ambient temperature  

-10 °C to +30 °C

Indoor temperature     

+5 °C to +40 °C

Relative humidity          

20% to 100%, average 60%



The plant will be optimised for the following normal conditions:


Indoor air temperature               

+20 °C

Ambient temperature  

+12 °C

Atmospheric pressure

 1.013 mbar

Relative air humidity   



Wind data, direction and speed (m/s)

Ambient temperatures and humidity are in respective plant area


Temperature range

Relative humidity


- 13 to 45 °C

F ≤ 100 %

Indoor boiler house

60 °C

F ≤ 100 %

Fuel transfer area outside boiler house

- 13 to 45 °C

F ≤ 100 %

Switchgear and battery room. See NOTE

5 to 25 °C

F ≤ 90 %

Control room, electronic panel room. See NOTE

5 to 25 °C

F ≤ 90 %


NOTE: Equipment design temperature in control room and switchgear rooms is 40 °C


Satellite view of the site area


The GPS coordinates for the site gate is:

N 56° 13' 46"     E 10° 09' 19"




56,229600° 10,155400°



When arriving at the Power Station main gate from South, follwo the yellow signs to the contruction site



Wind direction diagram