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Health and safety

Traffic on Site


Traffic & Vehicles

Reversing manoeuvres in vans, lorries and similar must be guided by a Signalman. An exception to this is a lorry fitted with rear-view cab window, provided the driver’s view is not obstructed by materials. 

Parking is prohibited other than in designated parking areas, unless during actively unloading/loading and special purpose vehicles.

The speed limit on site is 10 km/h or 6 miles/hour.

Traffic Plan Information

  • Site access, entrance and exit.
  • Car parking areas.
  • Roads with indication of driving directions.
  • Pedestrian walkways.

Depending on the phase of the project, it may be relevant to include working areas showing major excavations, large cranes, subassemblies, mechanical workshops etc.

When preparing the site layout, please keep in mind that too much information in a drawing can lead to confusion. Therefore, the usefulness of the information provided must be weighed against the desired level of detail.

On the following page is shown an example of a Site Layout.




The following PPE are mandatory when walking or working on the site, as a minimum