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The biomass CHP plant in Sandwich, Kent - South East corner of England - will supply heat and electricity to Discovery Park, one of Europe's leading science and technology parks. The plant will source its fuel predominantly from traditionally managed coppiced woodlands, stimulating the local forestry industry and improving traditionally managed forests.

The boiler is equipped with steam reheat and two turbines for higher efficiency.

  • Providing low cost carbon energy for Discovery Park
  • Up to 16MWe power and 11MWth heat. Enough to power 22,000 homes
  • Abundant local fuel - 430,000 acres of unmanaged woodland in South East England
  • Construction due to start Q1 2016


Pictures from site

Oct 2016 - Excavation and piling commenced


Dec 2016 - Foundations well underway


Mar 2017 - Foundation for vibration grate done


June 2017 - Building being erected


July 2017 - Boiler 2nd pass rolled in


Aug 2017 - Boiler drum in place


Aug 2017 - Boiler roof ready for superheaters


Aug 2017 - Slag scraber being erected


Aug 2017 - First superheater going in









Guide for HGV traffic







Site address is:


Kent Renewable Energy Plant

Gate A

Discovery Park
Ramsgate Road


CT13 9FP





Mr Mads Thomsen (BWSC)

Cell phone +44 7593 647 381



2. GPS Coordiates for site. 

51° 17' 24" N, 1° 20' 57" E 


All goods to arrive to the site must be announced in advance to BWE according to the guidelines in the Shipping Instructions