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Cramlington Biomass CHP Plant is a wood-fired power station located at the Windmill Industrial Estate in Cramlington. The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Biomass plant will burn virgin biomass in the form of round logs, brash or pre-chipped fuel. The facility has a designed net thermal input of 75MW, which equates to a throughput of 244,000 tonnes of virgin biomass per year. Saturated steam heat is supplied two neighbours industries.


Combustion of biomass takes place on a single water cooled vibrating grate system. Biomass will be fed via a feed hopper to the fuel feed system.


The boiler is equipped with steam reheat and two turbines for higher efficiency. This is the first time BWE's supplies reheat on a grate fired boiler.


Pictures from site

Dec 2016 - Boiler furnace being assemble on ground

Dec 2016 - Boiler, ECO and FGC in place

Dec 2016 - Boiler drum in place 3 days before Christmas

Mar 2017 - Flue gas treatment being installed

Mar 2017 - Air Cooling Condenser coming up

Mar 2017 - Wood chip feeding conveyor in place


June 2017 - First steam blowing of the boiler

July 2017 - First wood chips firing of boiler






Guide for HGV traffic






Site address is:


Cramlington Biomass CHP Plant

BWE Site Office

F.A.OTony Fisher

Fisher Lane

Windmill Industrial Estate



NE23 3JA



2. GPS Coordiates for site. 

55.0980° N, 1.6182° W 


All goods to arrive to the site must be announced in advance to BWE according to the guidelines in the Shipping Instructions