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Gas-Gas Heater

Air Preheaters and Gas-Gas Heaters



Regenerative heat exchangers play an important role in fossil fuels steam power plants as air preheaters (APH) and as gas-gas heater (GGH) in emission control plants such as FGD plants and tail-end SCR plants.

The BWE APH and GGH heat exchangers operate according to the rotating, regenerative, counterflow principle. Heat transfer elements placed as a matrix in an open rotor transfer heat from one gas side to another when slowly rotating.

The heaters are equipped with various sealing systems in order to minimize the leakage of air to flue gas or untreated gas to treated gas.

BWE can offer to modernize and improve the performance of existing heaters regardless of make. The work can comprise installation of new, improved sealing systems, delivery of enamelled heating surface or general repair and maintenance work.



Gas-Gas Heater


World leader in steam power technology

Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S specializes in the development and design of advanced steam boiler plants, for utility and biomass fired powerstations.

Furthermore, BWE designs a wide range of auxiliary powerstation equipment, such as the BWE Low-NOx coal/oil/N-gas/biomass burners, Air Preheaters and Gas-Gas Heaters.

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