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Sleaford REP passes Pressure Test

on the night of May 28, 2013


On the night of May 28 the boiler was static hydro pressure tested to the test pressure of 239 bar(G), on the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant in the UK.

Due to safety reasons the test was scheduled to night time, and the construction site was abandoned, except for the test personnel.

The boiler was slowly warmed up to 35 deg. C, drained and vented to evacuate all air pockets and cold ends, and the pressure was slowly raised.

At 11.30 pm the required test pressure of 239 bar(G) was reached, and held for 30 min.

Past midnight the pressure was lowered again and the boiler was inspected.

The next day the test certificate was signed by the Notified Body.


The test team



Calibrated test gauge

Certified test guage

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