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BWE awarded 2 GGH contracts from
STX Heavy Industries, Korea

On 16. June 2011 STX Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. and Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S signed the contracts for the supply of engineering and key components for two Gas-Gas Heaters (GGH) to be installed at the existing Gumi Power Station in Korea and two Gas-Gas Heaters to be installed at the new Jorf Lasfar Power Station in Morocco.

These contracts further strengthen the long standing collaboration between STX and BWE and represent an important step in the global expansion of the activities of BWE.


From the left: Tae-Hwan Lee, Assistant Manager, Jae-Hyuk Lee, Purchasing Manager, Ki-Hwan Park, Vice President, STX Heavy Industries and Claus Andreasson, COO, Claus Traulsen, VP Operations, Jette K.Ø. Pedersen, Contract Manager, Niels Elmo Andersen, Product Sales Manager, Burmeister & Wain Energy, at the contract signature.



Mr. Claus Andreasson, COO, BWE, and Mr. Ki-Hwan Park, Vice President, Environment Business Division, STX, sign the contracts


 Exchange of contract documents


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