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Come visit us at the DSE Fair 2016

Every spring, DSE organizes a great job and career fair at the Technical University Denmark in Lyngby.
The fair lasts for two days and around 10.000 students visit the fair. The fair is Denmark’s largest job and career fair.
The DSE fair provides a unique opportunity for engineering students and newly qualified engineers to get information about their future job and their career possibilities.

Come visit us at stand no. 56 where previous students from DTU, now working as engineers at BWE, welcome you and are ready to answer the questions you may have to a future career in our company.



When: Wednesday 16/3 & Thursday 17/3 at 10-16

Where: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, building 101, 2800 Lyngby


For more information:

Gydevang 35
DK-3450 Allerød
Tel. +45 48 14 00 22
Fax +45 48 14 01 50