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Completed in a record of 53 days

BWE announce that the second unit of the 2x135MW project in Hazira, Gujarat in India, has been commissioned successfully. Activities from the IBR Hydro test to the final synchronization were completed in a record time of only 53 days corresponding to one of the swiftest commissionings for a unit of this size.The 270MW multi-fuel power plant, supplied with the two drum boilers with single reheat, designed to fire a number of different fuels, is now fully operational at this moment. The multi-fuel system has been engineered by BWE to obtain the maximum flexibility and operation ability within the various fuels. Within minutes, switch between the various fuels can be accomplished to support the actual availability of each individual fuel type. Main fuels are COREX Gas and COREX Coal besides a variety of other coal types.

The Power Plant owned by Essar Steel Hazira will bring down the power procurement cost of Essar Steel and also assure unmatched reliability and flexibility in steelmaking operations.




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