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BWE/STF to supply the boiler for the largest straw-fired power plant in Denmark


On October 7th 2014,  the consortium BWE and STF signed the contract with Aarhus Kommune AffaldVarme for the turnkey supply of the boiler island for Denmark’s largest straw-fired power plant.

The plant located in the suburb of Aarhus, Lisbjerg, is designed basically to burn locally produced straw - a maximum of 240,000 tons per year – with a thermal input of 110 MWth able to produce over 30 MW of electrical capacity and 80 MW of district heat corresponding to one fifth of the district heating capacity of Aarhus city.

The BWE/STF scope of supply shall also include the complete flue gas treatment and water treatment systems ensuring the fulfillment of the most advanced requirements in terms of environmental protection.

Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S (since 2002 part of the Italian STF Group), is a worldwide leader in the development and design of advanced steam boiler plants for utility and biomass fired power plants like Avedoere #2 (585 MWth, Denmark), Amager #1 (350 MWth, Denmark) and recently  Sleaford (115 MWth, UK)


Lisbjerg Power Plant 3D model

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