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Advanced Boiler Design, 2014


By Flemming Skovgaard Nielsen and Carsten Søgaard, BWE




A High Efficient Biomass Energy Production

Article in "Think Denmark" White papers for a green transition

December 2015


By Flemming Skovgaard Nielsen, BWE and Kasper Fröhlich, BWSC 



State of green



Rekordstort halmanlæg på vej i Århus

Artikel i Fjernvarmen nr. 11 November 2015










Grate Boilers in CHP - are increasing their competitiveness

Presentation at Power-Gen Europe 2015

By Flemming Skovgaard Nielsen & Nils Peter Astrupgaard, BWE






Modern Power Systems

"Burning Success" - BWE article on biomass boilers published in Modern Power Systems, 12th edition 2014





Modern boiler design

By Flemming Skovgaard Nielsen, BWE
Paolo Danesi, BWE
M.V.Radhakrishnan, BWE Energy India




Green Technology equals Green Growth

Interview given by Claus Andreasson, COO, of BWE to the SAS Scanorama Magazine,
May 2012 edition.



Power-Gen Europe 2011 - Conversion of a Traditional Coal Fired Boiler to a Multi Fuel Biomass Unit

Presented by Carsten Bo Petersen, BWE, at Power-Gen Europe 
June 7-9 2011, Milan, Italy.


Power-Gen Europe 2009 - Presentation of the ASV FGD project

Presented by Nicholas Kristensen, BWE, at Power-Gen Europe
May 26-28 2009, Cologne, Germany.


Large Scale Utilisation of Biomass in Fossil Fired Boilers

Presented by Hans Henrik Poulsen, BWE, at Power-Gen Europe
June 26-28 2007, Madrid, Spain.


Fuel Flexibility at Amager Unit 1 using Pulverized Fuels

Presented by Erik Gjernes, BWE, at Power-Gen Europe
May 30 - June 1 2006, Cologne, Germany


Desulphurization Technology: Jet Bubbling Reactor CT-121

Presented by Mogens Rübner-Petersen (BWE) and Fabrizio Pollastro (STF), at ATI DeNOx - DeSOx conference
October 20-21 2005, Milan, Italy


USC Technology in CCT Boilers applying Biomass Cofiring

Presented by Knud Bendixen, BWE, at Power-Gen Europe
June 28-30 2005, Milan, Italy


Advantages of Ultra Super Critical Technology in Power Generation

Presented by Hans Henrik Poulsen, BWE, at International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies for our Future CCT2005
May 10-12 2005, Sardinia, Italy


Experiences with Coal fired USC Boilers in Denmark

Presented by Knud Bendixen, BWE, at Power-Gen Europe
May 6-8 2003, Düsseldorf, Germany













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