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QHSE Policy

It is the Policy of BWE that all engineering/products/services, including services from the subcontractors, must demonstrate that BWE is a reliable, responsible, proactive, and professional supplier.

 There is a commitment in BWE to make continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System and of the QHSE performance.

There is a commitment in BWE to comply with applicable legal requirements and other relevant requirements to which BWE subscribes.


BWE must provide our clients with reliable and efficient products in consideration of:

  • Client’s requirements.

  • The intended use and maintenance.

  • Compliance with instructions and regulations.

  • Project economy. 

Labour and Bribery:

It is the policy of BWE:

  • Not to accept forced labour or child labour of any kind.

  • Not to accept any form of bribery or corruption



It is the policy of BWE to protect the environment, by eliminating or reducing the environmental impact of our products and activities both at BWE headquarters and at all BWE working sites, by all BWE employees and sub contractors.


Health & Safety: 

BWE is committed to the prevention of injury and ill health.  

It is the policy of BWE to provide and maintain a safe workplace, safe working conditions, working environment and safe systems and methods of work, to protect our employees.

BWE ensures the employee's participation and consultation in all matters regarding occupational health & safety.
BWE strives to be a good employer and provide the employees with good, safe and healthy working conditions.



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